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We are here to help with Social Security Disability (SSD) cases for people who have become disabled while off or on the job.

We understand that many working people are not willing to file for social security disability. We will help to explain and assist in their right to do so.

There are many different pieces of information and documents required for a successful SSD claim. Let our experience assist you in assuring the process goes smoothly and without error.

The Social Security Administration’s disability programs offer support on a monthly basis to assist with your bills, medical costs, and more.

Benefits are often available to dependents and can definitely help to keep your family's expenses under control when the unexpected happens.

George Lichowid

Law Clerk and Registered Notary

George has been in client relations for over 14 years. His superior organizational skills and attention to detail has placed him as our Law Clerk. He was in team building and management for over 10 years, and attended the Academy of Business Careers.